I.Establish a hearthfelt bond between children and your brand

SDG4Kids Sustainable Children’s Game, unlike the classic box games, was designed in a system that provides solutions with information while entertaining.

Simple questions were prepared for children to recheck their behavior while giving information with each card which provides a solution to a different problem. SDG4Kids Sustainability Game with Children, which will be distributed to many points and schools of our country under the sponsorship of your brand with its content and manner of implementation, will establish a heartfelt bond between your institution and children.

II.Create Awareness

With the SDG4Kids Sustainable Children’s Game sponsorship efforts, you create awareness for all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals on behalf of your organization.

To make this awareness more specific, we can select specific topics for some or all of your products and services and highlight your organization on the basis of one or more goals.

III. Have an important argument for your Public Relations work

Within the scope of your activity period, you have carried out social responsibility projects and public relations studies on different subjects from your organization to this day and you have received positive reflections from them.

SDG4Kids Sustainable Children’s Game, which deals with sustainable living, climate change, life on land and below water, renewable energy, fighting hunger, fighting poverty, human rights and more, will create a very special and different public relations study area for you.

IV.Have an activity for your employees and children.

In-company trainings and activities are periodically applied and are important studies in terms of development of administrative, technical, managerial and professional skills as well as increasing in-company socialization, increasing morale motivation and productivity.

SDG4Kids Sustainable Children’s Game is a core that your corporate employees can learn by playing and sharing it with their families and sub-groups as a parent or adult.

With this structure, it not only offers the benefits of being a professional workshop but also the advantages of developing your employees together with family members.

The most attractive aspect of board games for children is not knowing exactly what will come out of them. Even if s/he has played or observed this game before, each child is excited and curious about the box that belongs to him/her or him/her class.

Dünyanın Geleceği Game’s SDG4Kids game box includes the following game equipments;

  • A box with information and visuals about the game on all sides, including front and back sides.
  • 100 double-sided, ‘Target Cards’
  • A Dünyanın Geleceği Game Guidance Guide
  • A Dünyanın Geleceği Game Book
  • A Game Map
  • 4 Pawns in different colors
  • A numbered dice for the start and continuation of the game
  • To raise awareness among children by providing general information about the scope and content of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals with Dünyanın Geleceği Game.
  • To show children and their parents that these problems exist in the world and that solutions to these problems are possible.
  • To identify the sub-items of the objectives under the heading of ‘100 Challenges-100 Solutions’, and to create information flow and idea generation to produce solutions.
  • To teach through Dünyanın Geleceği Game that we can contribute to the solution as individuals by changing our perspectives and actions despite the bigness of the problems.
  • The Game can be played with a minimum of 2 people.
  • In numbers like 2-3-4, the game is suitable for single playing.
  • It can be played with a maximum of 4 teams.
  • We have no suggestion on how many people will be in the teams. Particularly in environments such as classrooms or event halls, each team can consist of two, three or four players while playing this game.
  • Playing in teams has many advantages such as providing multiple participation, exchanging ideas, producing solution-oriented alternatives and analyzing suggestions.
  • We recommend that Dünyanın Geleceği Game, a box game, can be played in the relevant units of the relevant courses within the curriculum in educational institutions, but it does not require that the game should be played only in educational institutions and during class hours.
  • This game can be played in any environment where at least 2 people gather.
  • The small size of the box and its products is the greatest advantage, and the box itself can create a game board when the front and back sides of are placed side by side and the back side is turned.
  • You can play this game in any environment you can think of briefly as such work table, coffee table, dining table, kitchen table, on the carpet on the ground, in the open field over the grass or a bench in the park.
  • Teaches global problems.
  • Creates awareness about global problems.
  • Takes children into action to find solutions to global problems.
  • Develops a sense of empathy in children.
  • This development of empathy creates a perception and solution-oriented development of what people and nature are exposed to anywhere in the world.
  • Even if children do not speak the same language all over the world, they can meet on the same platform on common ground for the solution of global problems.

Every individual who meets the SDG4Kids Dünyanın Geleceği Game, plays, reviews and gets ideas  with children;

  • Could have knowledge about peace and equitable distribution all over the world,
  • Could take action to implement a general action plan that is concurrent with climate change,
  • Could be active in counteracting the pollution of seas, land and atmosphere and producing alternative solutions,
  • Could desire to create less consumption and a cleaner world, but most of all, it can ask itself what can I do to leave a livable planet behind us and take action.